Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Putting Attention Where It Matters – All the Time

Overdrive’s steady-state, account-based marketing (ABM) programs give our clients the power to focus their marketing tactics on those audiences most likely to respond and buy – period.

What Makes Our Steady-State ABM So Effective?

Always-on Media

ABM Media: Our programs embrace your prospects with your brand so when they are ready to buy, they know who you are and how to get in touch. Our surgically optimized ABM programs keep our clients’ content, offers, products, and contact calls-to-action in front of the right audiences, in the right places, and at the right times – rather than wasting impressions, clicks, and effort on people who will not, and cannot, ever buy what you sell.

Full-Funnel Optimization

Our approach to full-funnel marketing ensures that your leads are rapidly escalating to sales-qualified leads and buyers. We optimize the full customer journey to add velocity to the often too-slow “middle of your funnel” where most of your prospects get stuck. We help you pick more fruit from the orchards you already own.

Scalable Account-Based Marketing

Overdrive puts the “marketing” in ABM. It goes beyond the limits of sales enablement to maintain mind-share with the important people your busy sales force cannot pay attention to every day. We empower organizations to launch and maintain measurable programs with the horsepower and accuracy needed to actually make a difference. It’s ABM at scale.

Sales and Marcom Stack Integration

Besides delivering leads that salespeople love, competitive ABM programs need to both:

  • Arm sales and marketing people with super-timely engagement alerts, sales intelligence, and intent data.
  • Provide lead scoring, sales funnel, and closed-loop ROI reporting that drives actionable insights and ongoing optimization.

Our approach includes making sure your marcom tech stack’s APIs are connected, fields are aligned, and the systems are talking so that your sales and marketing people are armed with the timely intelligence and alerts they need to compete and close more deals!

We ask simple but critical questions such as:

  • Is your marcom stack yielding more than a few emails and topical reports? Is it providing key sales and marketing intelligence?
  • Do your sales reps know what companies and known prospects are looking at your site right now? Do they know the active buyers they need to call today?
  • Are sales and marketing getting company and prospect intent reports with engagement histories from your analytics?

Finally, we help to integrate sales and marketing further with ABM Sales/Marketing joint seminars that bring all the parties together around common ABM goals and programs.

4-Pronged ABM Approach and the People to Get it Done

Overdrive’s ABM programs are broken into four essential buckets of activity performed by a multi-faceted team of digital experts who can get the whole job done. Together, they help our clients create a complete ABM machine that feeds your salespeople with qualified leads and escalate those leads into sales.

Account Based Marketing Roadmap

Target Audience Development

  • Interviews, Research
  • Salesforce, House List
  • Third Party Data, Update and Append
  • Target Audience Segmentation
  • Media and Nurture Segment Mapping

Result: Segmented Target List & Plan of Attack

A comprehensive segmented target list of ABM companies and contacts for surgically targeted media and nurture programs.

Media Planning & Buying

  • IP & Company Name Targeting
  • Marketing Automation Cookie Targeting
  • Named ABM Contact Retargeting
  • Custom Audience Individual and Title Targeting
  • Direct Mail Campaigns

Result: Targeted Reach & Frequency

A steady-state media campaign that keeps your ads, offers, and brand in front of a highly targeted audience of ABM contacts.

Nurture & Marketing Automation

  • High-Value Offer & Content Development
  • Email Drip/Nurture Campaigns
  • Triggered Events Adaptive Web Content
  • Triggered Direct Mail, Clutter Busters, Events
  • Sales Team Alerts, Social Connections, Outbound Call Scripts

Result: Targeted Engagement & Escalation

Highly targeted email and content, relevant website experiences, target account engagement, timely sales alerts, and rapid lead escalation.

Measurement & Optimization

  • Metrics Definition, Lead Scoring
  • Dashboard Design
  • New ABM Leads, Cookied Leads
  • ABM Lead Engagement, Pipeline Influence
  • Sales, Revenue, ROI Reporting & Optimization

Result: Measurable ROI & Sales Intelligence

Transparency, accountability, and actionable insights for ongoing improvement program optimization as well as super-timely sales alerts and intelligence.

ABM Partners and Technologies

Our experts help our clients choose, integrate, and maintain the right ABM media and technology solutions based on their needs, legacy marcom stack, and budget.

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